Hebrew Class

Why would you want to study Hebrew? When you understand the language and culture of the Bible, many of the more confusing scriptures start to make sense.

As a non Jewish person, Pastor Deborah Mitchell has studied Hebrew for many years under Rabbi Sam Stern, and currently is studying for a Masters degree in Hebraic roots of Christianity with the American Institute of Advanced Biblical Studies. Being of a non Jewish background, Pastor Deborah has come to understand why she, like many other Christians often misunderstood the Bible and helps to build their understanding by looking at:

  • Hebrew alphabet and vowels
  • Reading and writing block and cursive print in Hebrew
  • Reading Hebrew prayers
  • Word pictures seen in root words
  • The use of Hebrew when studying the Bible
  • Interpretation of Hebraic Biblical idioms
  • The Hebraic roots of the Church

The course lasts for twelve weeks and usually starting in the early part of the year. The cost of text book and materials is $60 plus an optional love offering for the teaching.