My Story at Love and Mercy Fellowship

Jerry and Elizabeth

Jerry with his wife Elizabeth

Jerry Arocho

I first came to Love and Mercy Fellowship around 1993. My wife Elizabeth and I were looking for a spirit filled church and from the first meeting I felt the anointing of God in the place and saw God working miracles on peoples lives.

The love in the church was, and still is, easy to feel.

percussionAs a former professional latin percussionist I was pleased to be invited to join the worship group, but it took a while to get used to playing the drums instead of latin percussion, thank you Pastor Deborah for not giving up on me while I learned this new skill.

Gloria Graziano

“After my son passed away I tried several churches from different denominations, and nothing seemed to give me comfort or peace till I came to Love & Mercy Fellowship. It was like a family. Everybody knew one another, and it wasn’t long before they knew me. I didn’t know people could care like that! They adopted me and I adopted them. Since that time LMF has seen me through a lot of tragedy, heartaches, and illnesses. Pastor Deborah helped pull me out of myself. I was an introvert, never talking to anyone. But I learned quickly never to say ‘never!’ I said I would never get involved, but I did. I started volunteering in the kitchen for Operation Homeless, for our fellowship dinners, I became a greeter, and now I work in the food pantry ministry at the church. LMF is my second family. I love it here.”

Kim Costanza Scala

“I wanted a closer relationship to Jesus. I had gone through three different churches, each time receiving something from the Holy Spirit, but still I felt the Spirit leading me to go further. The minute I walked into Love & Mercy I immediately felt the fire of the Holy Spirit. That was my beginning of really learning how to not only read the scriptures, but study them, how to pray, how to hear the voice of God for myself, knowing that Jesus was there for me. It was a slow walk up the ladder of transformation, but a steady progression. I’m so fortunate that the Lord showed me where to go. It was good for me. Healthy Bible teaching, small congregation, warm, loving, like a family, where you feel comfortable and loved. I could feel the love they have for one another and for Jesus. This is where the Holy Spirit is, where the people hold each other up during hard times. We cry, laugh, pray, and walk together, growing in the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit. Today I volunteer along with my husband Sal, at the church BookNook and we are blessed to be here.”

Bob and Diane Pearce

Bob and Diane Pearce

Bob & Diane Pearce

For 22 years, Love & Mercy has been our home church. What originally drew us here was the compassion and care we saw in the leadership.  Today we are blessed that our giftings were recognized and we are now part of that leadership team. Love & Mercy is concerned for the spiritual and physical needs of those who come through our doors. You will always find someone to listen, to lend a hand, to share your tears and stand with you in prayer. “…They will know you are my disciples because of your love for one another.” 1 We stand with Pastor Deborah and LMF in prayer.




Evelyn & Enrique Cruz

Evelyn Cruz

Love & Mercy Fellowship was an answer to prayer. Our family was hurting because our former church had dissolved. We asked God for guidance. After visiting two other churches, the Holy Spirit guided us to LMF, where we were warmly received. We stayed because we sensed the love, the power of God and genuine transparency of Pastor Deborah. We grew spiritually through the preaching of the anointed, unadulterated word of God and Hebrew exposition, and Jewish history. Through the years there were personal dynamics requiring special attention, which we received from both Pastor and the church in general.

We became an integral part of the church. I taught leadership classes, my son helped running the sound board, and media ministry, my daughters were heavily involved with the ministry of helps, and holiday outreaches to the poor, and my husband was part of the worship team.

Though we’ve moved out of state, we remain in touch with the family to whom God brought us.



  1. John 13:36