Operation Homeless

Operation Homeless

Those in need receiving food and a hot meal in port area.

As well as caring for people within the church and local community, Love and Mercy Fellowship cares for the homeless in New York city Port Authority area. If you are interested in learning about street evangelism, hands on opportunities are available:

  • Preparing hot meals in the professional standard kitchen at Love and Mercy Fellowship
  • Giving out items needed by the homeless in the New York Port Authority area
  • Driving the team and supplies into the city
  • After sharing Gods love by supplying their practical needs, share personally how God loved them enough to die for them (tracts available)

Items given out are tailored to the needs of the people and often include:

  • Hot food
  • Hot drinks
  • Pantry bags
  • Clothing
  • Toiletries

Operation Homeless Cooking

Hot meals prepared in the Love and Mercy Fellowship kitchen to give out in Mahattan

Operation Homeless is one of the original ministries started by church founder Sister Celeste. It began in Times Square, but moved to the Port area when the weather was so bad the homeless had moved into a bus station to stay dry. At first it was only clothes, but when the homeless in their desperation were asking for food, it became obvious that peoples first need was food so the ministry adapted to meet those needs.