Leadership Team

Pastor Deborah

Pastor Deborah Mitchell

Pastor Deborah Mitchell

Senior Pastor and co-founder of Love and Mercy Fellowship.

Brought up in a Christian home in Jersey City, New Jersey. Having been in full time Christian ministry since 1982, Pastor Deborah Mitchell has a wealth of experience that includes:

  • Senior Pastor of Love and Mercy Fellowship
  • Host of Close To Your Heart radio and television broadcast
  • Co-host of Glory to Glory television broadcast with Rev Diane Dunne
  • Teacher of Hebrew studies and the Hebrew language in relationship to Biblical study.
  • Co-founder and current CEO of Operation Homeless
  • Published singer and songwriter
  • Editor of End Times Express newsletter and Hope for the Future newsletter
  • On the executive board of Women of Substance Ministries and Hope for the Future Ministries
Dona Carbone

Dona Carbone

Rev Dona Carbone

Director of Worship.

Ordained in 1993 by Love and Mercy Fellowship, Rev Dona Carbone had already been working for the church since 1987 by volunteering as worship leader.

Since starting work full time, her responsibilities have expanded to include:

  • Editor and announcer on Close to Your Heart broadcast
  • Teaching and preaching both at Love and Mercy Fellowship and other churches
  • Management of Operation Homeless, Love and Mercy Fellowship’s evangelistic outreach to the poor and homeless of Long Island and New York
  • Office administration
  • Director of worship
  • Management of holiday outreaches to the community
  • Member of Board of Deacons

Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell

Richard Mitchell has been teaching the Bible since 1988, before Joining Love and Mercy Fellowship in 1998 to develop an adult teaching ministry.

He majored in both accounting and psychology, and holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

He has served as head of the Board of Deacons at Love & Mercy for since 2001.

Richard is a faithful husband of Renée and father of three daughters.

  • Head of Board of Deacons
  • Leader of adult Bible study – Sunday 10:15am
  • Profound teacher with keen insight into the Word of God

Theresa Daley

Faithful member of Love & Mercy Fellowship since 1987, Theresa Daley served faithfully on the street ministry team and mobile soup kitchen every Saturday.  A widow for many years she has diligently preached the gospel to all who would hear it on the streets of NYC, has been heavily involved with the ministry of hospital visitation, and helps.  Theresa is a member of Love & Mercy Fellowship’s Board of Deacons.  She has been a wonderful mother of 5 grown children, and now grandmother of 13 and great grandmother of 9.

  • Anointed preacher
  • Member of Board of Deacons
  • Ministry of helps
  • Hospital visitation
  • Member of street ministry team